Updated: May 1, 2024

CPV stands for Cost-Per-View; it’s an advertising payment model that means advertisers are charged when their video ads are viewed. This model is one of the most significant metrics to measure the effectiveness of video advertising. CPV can also apply to non-video ads.

The biggest video advertising platform is Google’s AdWords, and it has two major types of CPV ads – In-Stream and In-Display. The first type implies placing video ads before or within videos hosted on YouTube, and the latter implies video ads appearing on YouTube along with regular videos. The video ad platform strictly defines what it considers to be a video ad view in terms of viewing duration.

In this directory, we’ve aggregated for you the best CPV Advertising Networks.

CPV formula

Source: The Online Advertising Guide

CPV Advertising Benefits

The immediate advantage to CPV is simple: if a person wants to view your video, then their level of acceptance towards the advertisement is usually high, driving up engagement and retention rates.

The customer usually has to view a video for more than 30 seconds for it to count; however, interaction in the form of clicks can also be part of the model in some cases.

There are few better ways to reach an already engaged audience than via videos, and the trend is only increasing.

YouTube video ad example

Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

Other CPV benefits include:

  • Cost-effective advertising campaigns.
  • It’s simple and easy to track conversions.
  • Highly customisable and adaptable to specific advertising goals.

Below we’ve listed the best CPV advertising networks and platforms so you can get up and running without difficulty.

CPV Advertising Networks

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