App Promotion Summit London 2024: Insights and trends

App Promotion Summit London 2024 is officially over, drawing over 700+ attendees from across the globe and marking another milestone in the app promotion landscape. This year’s summit not only showcased emerging trends in app development and mobile marketing but also provided a vibrant platform for extensive networking and professional exchange.

APS London 2024 in numbers

The 2024 edition of APS London was notable for its impressive engagement levels both online and in person. With 73% of the attendees representing key players from various app categories—including Finance, Shopping, Health & Fitness, Games, Education, Travel, Lifestyle, and Entertainment—the event facilitated deep dives into sector-specific strategies and trends. This diverse representation underscores the summit’s role as a crucible for innovation and collaboration in the digital ecosystem.

Participants at the summit, predominantly from high-engagement platforms with over 100,000+ monthly active users, found immense value in the networking opportunities provided. The event’s dedicated platform saw more than 2,000 messages exchanged, fostering collaborations and partnerships that extended beyond the summit’s duration. The high level of activity extended to the APS website too, which attracted more than 24,000 visitors and registered over 55,000 page views.

The job functions of attendees spanned across the spectrum, with a significant presence of professionals in Performance & Product Marketing, Product Management, CRM/Retention, Growth, User Acquisition, and ASO. This variety not only enriched the discussions but also provided attendees with insights into multiple facets of the app industry.

In a stride towards sustainability, the summit, through its partnership with Treeapp, ensured that over 700+ trees were planted, marking a commitment to environmental responsibility alongside technological and business advancements.

Trends and insights for 2024 and beyond

AI integration

AI continues to revolutionize the app ecosystem, significantly enhancing user acquisition, creatives, and product development. This technology is also fostering a new wave of fast-growing apps, which are becoming significant contributors to the industry by driving both revenue and user base growth.

Increasing big brand participation

This year’s summit saw increased participation from major brands in retail, fintech, and other sectors. This uptick is a clear indicator of the growing importance of mobile apps as a vital channel in contemporary business strategies.

Focus on retention

As acquiring new users becomes increasingly challenging, the industry is shifting its focus towards retaining existing users. Advances in onboarding processes and user engagement strategies are showing promising results, indicating a maturation in how apps manage to keep their user base active and engaged.

Market growth

Encouragingly, several partners reported their best-ever quarter, signaling a robust recovery and growth returning to the market. This resurgence is a positive sign for the industry’s overall health and trajectory.


App Promotion Summit London 2024 set a new standard for industry gatherings, with its blend of insightful discussions and workshops and high-level networking. As participants return to their desks, they carry with them actionable insights and new partnerships that will undoubtedly influence the app industry in the months to come.

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