Your daily oral hygiene routine should be supplemented with a professional exam and any necessary treatment. This can help prevent tooth decay and is good for your overall health. Much of the food you eat causes bacteria to make acids in your mouth. Sugar food is a clear plaque, but there are others who may not realize they can cause damage.

Preventive care can help you find minor problems before they become significant. Not only that, but it also helps you build a comfortable and reliable dentist / patient relationship. The more you trust your dentist, the easier it will be to discuss your concerns and fears, which will lead to a more pleasant experience.

When left untreated, gingivitis can develop into periodontal disease, a more serious disease in which bones and tissues around the teeth are lost. With DTC orthodontic treatment services, consumers can order toothpick kits directly from a supplier and often rely on prints or photos of the patient. A poor fit can cause gum tissue to be affected or stripped, and can also increase the Zahnarzt Solothurn risk of tooth loss or misalignment; or problems with the temporomandibular joint . In addition to a good adjustment, dental professionals can provide dental evaluations for treatment and take X-rays. These play an important role in treatment planning, and in identifying underlying problems, such as periodontal disease, that can affect both oral health and orthodontic results.

46 For example, while patients undergoing orthodontic treatment experience root resorption more often than those who do not, 47 the process may be exacerbated by periodontal disease. 48 The importance of regular dental visits is greater during orthodontic treatment to ensure the well-being of the teeth. Practicing good dental care from childhood to adulthood can help a person keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Het tandvlees begint van de tanden af te bewegen en de gaten raken besmet. Als tandvleesaandoeningen niet snel worden behandeld, wordt het bot dat de tanden ondersteunt vernietigd en kunnen gezonde tanden loskomen en uitvallen. Ernstige tandvleesaandoeningen kunnen leiden tot tandverlies en de noodzaak om te worden vervangen.

Poets je tanden overal voorzichtig met een zachte borstel en fluoridetandpasta. Algemene tandartsen zijn het “merk” voor preventieve procedures en behandelingen. In tegenstelling tot specialisten zijn algemene tandartsen niet gespecialiseerd in een specifiek tandheelkundig gebied.