Museums include the Houston Children’s Museum and the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences; The Houston Zoo is also located in the museum district. Other highlights of Houston family vacations include the Cockrell Butterfly Center and the quirky National Museum of Funeral History. If your kids loved cars, they’ll love Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, an art collection of graffiti-covered cars! Both attractions are located in the historic Route 66 district, the main attraction people are looking for in Amarillo, popular for panoramic tours and shop windows in antique shops. Amarillo, Texas, also houses a small amusement park and a water park called Splash Amarillo.

Hidden in South Texas, right on the Mexican border, Laredo is a thriving city with fascinating Mexican-American history. Visitors who choose to spend their time in the city will not be disappointed, however; Attractions include the Rio Grande Republic Museum and a unique children’s museum known as the South Texas Imaginarium. If you are looking for a classic beach trip, it is a must to visit Galveston. Galveston Beach is a popular summer destination for Texans, especially those in Houston, as Galveston is just an hour’s drive from downtown.

Probably the best known of all these weekend getaways in Texas in the general national and international tourist scene, Austin is known for its live music, incredible festivals and excellent food. The beautiful city of Jefferson, with its historic charm, railroad history and proximity to Lake Caddo, is one of the best vacation spots in Texas. Best known as a Texas vacation destination for residents of Houston looking for a beach near home, Galveston is worth a visit for more than just a chance to cool off in the water. A short drive from San Antonio is the small town of New Braunfels, known for its charming historic Greuene district. One of the main attractions is the historic Gruene Hall, the oldest ballroom in Texas, which has been continuously active since 1878.

Hiking trails vary in difficulty and length, but there are also many paved trails for those wishing to explore the park by vehicle. Just minutes from San Antonio, Boerne has a rich history that is over 150 years old when it was colonized by immigrants from Germany. The city is still dotted with a myriad of beautiful stone buildings of great historical importance, but also offers modern attractions such as contemporary art galleries, local wine cafes and bars and trendy boutiques.

Just west of the small town of Sonora, this huge cave was carved from Cretaceous limestone about 1.5 to 5 million years ago. It has one of the heaviest collections of calcite crystal formations, especially propellers, in the world. Make sure to check out the “butterfly” where two fishtail propellers apartments 77090 share the same node, and the “snake pit”, where the formations are so tightly packed, will soon be Indiana Jonesing to go out. Currently, all tours are offered by reservation only, with time limits and up to six people allowed during the tour to limit exposure to visitors and staff in the cave.

Whether you’re here for the sun, beaches or soaking in some history, it offers you a little bit of everything including nature, wildlife and culture. Drive through the hills beyond the city limits or enjoy hospitality in one of the luxury resorts surrounded by natural beauty. Austin is the world capital of live music, don’t miss the live concerts.

Visitor centers provide informative and interactive exhibitions, maps, river crossings, baths, groceries, water taps, bookstores and an extraordinary amount of information on park geology, history and culture. Today, the site is open to the public as a museum, allowing visitors to explore the grounds: you can visit the chapel, the long barracks and explore the museum. The museum has an extensive collection of artifacts and tells the story of the Alamo. From the beautiful beaches along the golf coast to historic Alamo in San Antonio or the Dallas World Aquarium for Children, there are always many things to do in Texas to keep visitors busy. Gaylord not only has an indoor and outdoor pool, but there is also a water park on the property, Paradise Springs, a 10-hectare tourist pool with a lazy river, slides and more. According to a recent report from WalletHub’s financial site with the best summer travel destinations of 2021, the lonely star state has seven ideal hotspots to escape the crisis.