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Best Online Video Downloader Apps for Android

Watching videos on web is pretty handy, just go to site and watch what you want. But when to come to watch it offline here the question raise, how to get the video for later watch. All the popular videos site such as Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and ect did have any download feature on their app and site. In order to download videos form such platforms you have to rely on third-party video downloader. This is what we here for, we jot down the list of best online video downloader for your smartphone that help you to download video from all the popular video content sites.


Videoder – one of the popular, free and advance online video downloader for your smartphone. The video downloader app allow you to download videos from all the major video content sites especially from youtube. Other than youtube you will be able to download music and videos from over the 1000+ sites with this app. This is the reason why do we place this app first in our list.

One of its feature ‘Batch Downloading’ allow to mark videos to download while exploring and then download all of them in one go. The app also claims that it have the ability to download the video with upto 10x faster downloading speed.

Now come over to its interface – simple and easy to handle interface with multiple theme appearance. You can also customize color of your choice.

Videoder a complete downloader for your Android and iOS (iphone, ipad) device. You can also use this app on your Windows PC and Mac.

Other features:

  • Youtube Playlist downloader
  • Inbuilt Browser with adblocker
  • 4k Video downloader
  • Smarlink detector
  • Audio cover and tag editor
  • Able to download videos form 50+ sites


TubeMate – pretty old video downloader for youtube, so it is pretty popular over the web. This video downloader is not popular because it is old but it is famous because of its features and simple interface. The app has very simple interface, a non tech user can download videos from the app within seconds.

Downloading youtube videos from the is pretty simple, just launch the app it will show you trending youtube content in your country, search here what your want to download and click over the download video.

You can also download videos in different videos qualities such as 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p and also in 4k. This app also have the ability to download videos in mp3 format.

Other than youtube you will be able to download videos from dailymotion, vimeo and otehr popular platforms.

Overall videmate is one of the best video downloader for android and desktop but its free version contains ads that are annoying while using the app. If you comfortable with the ads then you can use its free version but if not then buy videmate premium version in order to remove ads.


Snaptube – one of comprehensive online video downloader that allow you to download videos from 100+ video sites. Why I call this a comprehensive downloader because it has a huge list of video sites and app from which you can download videos. Yes, it also allow you to download videos from different app such tiktok, facebook, whatsapp, instagram, twitter and many others.

Similar to others you will be able to download videos in 4k, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p and 240p quality. One of the main reason to download this in your device is, the app is security verified from McAfee, CM Security, Lookout Security so, feel free to download the app.

Its mp3 video converter allow you to download videos in mp3 format. It also have its download manager where you can manage your downloads. Snaptube is my pick in downloading videos on your smartphone, so, download snaptube app in your device and feel free about downloading videos. The app mapped up to all the popular sites and apps for you, just a single click and video will be in your device.


KeepVid is a super advance videos downloader with alot of other feature in the app. With KeepVid you will be able to download videos from Facebook, youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, dailymotion, amazon, netflix, appstore, tumblr and many other video platforms. Like above downloaders you can downlaod videos in different HD formats. Its super fast search feature allow to explore things pretty quickly. KeepVid allos you to download complete playlist from youtube with just a single click.

You can also download multiple videos at the same with this App, and download video in mp3 format as well.


VidMate – now days very popular video downloader for android users. It come with a lot of features other than its downloader such as video and audio player, download manager, account manager and in-built browser. Through Vidmate you can download videos from youtube, dailymotion, vimeo and other video platform. You can imagine its popularity with that Vidmate is the most downloaded app by android users.

Now, question raise why it not at top in my list, the reason is that it is pretty irritation app. It irritates you by showing notifications in the notification drawer and always run in the background once you started. This one is its main disadvantage, other than this Vidmate is pretty good app for downloading online videos.

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