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“I pray to God, and the burden on my domestic helper hong kong heart is eased.” I visit several workers from the Philippines who gathered with thousands of women from their country at Statue Square in Hong Kong. Everywhere you look, there are groups enjoying each other’s company. Some eat, go to visit, play cards, do hairstyles and exchange romantic novels. Others pray, read the Bible and sing hymns. Hong Kong is home to about 120,000 Filipino workers. Most of them work as maids in the city’s wealthy families. These “assistants” (a common term for domestic workers in Hong Kong) are expected to work 24 hours a day, six days a week, but government regulations require them to have 12 consecutive hours of free time each Sunday. Since women cannot afford to go to the movies or eat in restaurants on the weekend, they gather at Hong Kong train stations and in parks or outside public buildings.

One Sunday morning, I went to the center of Hong Kong’s business district to spend time with Filipino women in the central square. The group immediately agreed to let me take a picture, and when I told them I was writing an article for the magazine, they were happy to answer a few questions.

All ten women I spoke to come from the same rural area in the Philippines. They work in houses in different parts of Hong Kong, but meet on Sundays at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in the Central District. After a Mass marking St. Joseph’s Day in Tagalong, the language of the Philippines, they gather on the porch of a nearby courthouse in Hong Kong. They spread newspapers on the concrete floor to sit on them, and in the afternoon they ate and visited. They tell me that they are staunch Catholics and that their faith in God helps them survive separation from their families in the Philippines and the sometimes cruel and indifferent treatment of their employers. “I pray to God, and the burden on my heart will be lightened,” a woman told me passionately, raising her hands and eyes to the sky.

During our visit I found that some of the women in the group had been here for four months and others had lived in Hong Kong for 12 years. Most have young children at home and higher education.

Many people planning to stay in the United States also want to help with the household. Therefore, in this case, private assistance requires a visa to the United States. If you have a housekeeper with whom you plan to travel, you should know how to get a visa for her.

The type of visa a housekeeper needs is a non-immigrant visa. This is necessary because the assistant is not going to migrate to the US. The home assistant may accompany an employer who is on leave, who returns to permanent residence or temporarily moves to the United States.

To legally recognize the rights of domestic workers from the United States, you must first obtain a visa to the United States. In addition to a scheduled interview at the U.S. Embassy, the housekeeper must be able to provide the necessary documents, such as a passport, confirmation form, and other overdue or existing visas.

Naturally, you will be charged when you decide to apply for a visa in the United States. The application fee is required to obtain an application form that is available online. One thing that housekeepers should remember is a non-refundable payment. They must be prepared to pay the cost of the visa application.

Through the Internet there is an application form in electronic format, which must be filled out in the housekeeper. A visa in the United States cannot be issued to anyone who does not meet the stated requirements. In addition, a very recent photo from a housekeeper applying for a visa is required.

Since most home assistants applying for a U.S. visa will travel to America with their employers, the employer must be able to provide an employment contract for a visa interview. The contract must be signed by both parties – the employee and the employer – and must comply with labor regulations in force in the United States.

As a first step, it is also necessary to provide proof of residence in the country of residence of the housewife. This will make it possible to verify that household assistance did not intend to exceed the stay. Illegal residence in the country is unacceptable for any domestic help. A visa in the United States may be issued only if the intention to exceed the permissible duration of stay is unknown.

Last but not least, it is often also important that a housekeeper work at least a year before applying for a visa to the United States. However, if the housekeeper reasonably complies with all the requirements, the approval of the American visa will undoubtedly be a guarantee.

Many families in Asia receive housework assistance; This is a big advantage for people living in this part of the world because domestic services there are cheaper compared to other regions such as the United States.

Finding a housemate in Japan is easy. Although the best way to find it is to recommend it to your friends and family, you can still seek help from some reputable agencies. The agency can advise you on the requirements and rules regarding the hiring and dismissal process.

The world wide web contains a huge amount of information that will help you find good home help. Often online sites provide verification and counseling services to help you in the selection process.

Japanese employers are usually very strict in the recruitment of domestic workers, so there is always some kind of agreement that both parties must abide by. If house care does not meet the terms of the agreement, it may result in the termination of house care in Japan.

Stopping housework in Japan can be avoided if there is a legal document and everything is clearly written in black and white. As an employer, you need to know what the minimum wage is and what benefits your employee is entitled to. To do this, the hired assistant must know what his specific objectives are. You can talk to better evaluate your candidate.

Full-time domestic work is covered by the contract, so you can’t just stop providing housework in Japan without a good reason.

Domestic workers must also understand that while they are contractually protected, they must also do their job properly so that their services are not interrupted.

The benefits of a full-time housekeeper far outweigh the cost of maintaining it. You can almost enjoy life more, because there is someone to leave the house. Therefore, try as much as possible to avoid stopping home care for your own good.

There are several ways to find help around the house in Hong Kong. Most of them are very comfortable as they can be part of your daily routine, so you don’t have to do your best to find a maid. Although there are some ways that require research and testing, especially over the Internet, that can take a long time. But whichever way you choose, there is no guarantee that you will find the right quality maid that you need. So it is best to use one or more of the following ways to find a maid.

Referral from friends and family is a common and reliable way to find help around the house. Your friends and family may know someone who has worked for them before. They can recommend an assistant because they consider her trustworthy and are sure that the assistant will take good care of your home. Another form of direction is friends and relatives of your current employee. Your maid may have a friend or family member who wants to work as a maid. Such records somehow guarantee that the servants mentioned are of good character.

Confidence in the employment of a house assistant is the principle of seeking help in a traditional agency. The agency assumes all the filtration and processing of documents and ensures that home care meets the requirements of the employer.

Some girls from Hong Kong advertise their availability through the online home help platform. Many of these online home care sites contain good profiles and photos, making it easier to choose an employer. Some home care websites offer an extended search that simplifies the identification of the housekeeper’s qualifications that an employer is looking for on the basis of an accessible database.

Another useful place to help with the house – forum. The employer can clearly specify their household needs, and interested maids can easily recognize and respond to the announcement.

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