Our medicine to talk to people or deal with the app, we can do these things just by talking and looking through the glass set. This recently upgraded version of the Vuzix knife offers many advanced features in amazing compact glasses. Blade puts the increased reality at the top of our list, with built-in speakers, noise-canceling microphones and surprisingly good cameras. Intel’s smart glasses may now look crazy about the notifications that appear on Facebook and Twitter all the time before your eyes. There is also a microphone and camera for video and audio recording and built-in hand and eye tracking technology to get a fully immersive experience.

All glasses on this list support wireless audio and much more. There is a built-in camera and microphone for capturing or answering videos. The most modern can measure brain function or overlay smart glasses manufacturers digital data about the real world with a small display on the lens. In general, smart glasses provide the wireless function of the smartphone and similar devices directly on your face or head.

Smart glasses are often mentioned with the word “Increasing reality”, which generally means that more information from the information system is added to the real world. There are some differences compared to display techniques for viewing animations / videos or virtual displays designed for gaming, where the whole eye is full of images produced by the computer. Most advanced smart glass systems can automatically provide information about eye goals, such as products at hand, information about landscapes and even facial recognition of incoming people. Blade Upgraded Smart Glasses is one of the smart reality glasses that exist in themselves. Waveguide lens that combines digital guidance with real-world work, eliminates visual disturbances and reduces error rates. At the same time, wireless devices are the complete AV communication tools for external support applications.

Over the years we have seen progress in complex computer operations. Below we cover a few highly rated devices, followed by a successful case application. The beginning of smart glasses can be said until the sixties.

Smartgasses consists of many built-in functions that make the device as a whole scarce, usable and consumer-friendly. As a technology supplier, Luxexcel provides intelligent recipe lenses. We have developed a unique 3D printing technology, so that technical players can tailor smart glass to consumers. Smart glasses are the next step to bring the wireless connection of our laptops and phones and integrate them with our frames and lenses.

There are many options and when smart glass is defined as an important new application. Technology works unlike 3D printers that most people know. During the 3D printing process, smart devices such as waveguides are packed in printing materials and the prescribed power is printed at the top or round. The waveguide, which projected into the eyes, is completely buried in the prescribed lens. With a built-in smart device in a prescribed lens, all devices have a smaller shape and look like modern, simple glasses. The new intelligent glasses consist of lenses made of glycerine, a clear liquid surrounded by flexible membranes.