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Flange shield (USA)

Protective fencing, also known as Flange shield (USA) flank protectors, is specifically designed to protect people and equipment in your industry from leaks in pipe connections due to their damage. They are designed with a built-in pH indicator with a changing color that provides pre-detection of leakage to avoid leakage.

These safety screens are resistant to UV radiation from the sun and rain, easily cope with any adverse environmental conditions and are installed both indoors and outdoors. They are also commonly available in a variety of materials and styles and can be easily adapted for any application. Cm. Here’s how to learn more about the different types of security screens available on the market.

Metal screens: These types of protective screens are specifically designed for high-pressure use or at a time when the conditions for fabric screens are unfavorable. Thanks to stainless steel screws or grooves with key holes, the installation is simple and can be done by even one person.

The screens are clutch extensions: they are usually made of metal and fabric and have almost the same size and design as a metal screen. This is confirmed by puffs that allow you to move the compensator smoothly without changing its effectiveness.

Hose stubs: they have a Teflon coating and a label with a pH indicator that indicates a leak in advance. They are available for almost any type of piping fixture, valve or extension cord to provide protection against sudden leaks. Thanks to Teflon coating, they can potentially withstand the pressure of dangerous chemicals and prevent them from blowing to the insulation of the pipe.

Valve screens: These types of screens are made of solid fiberglass soaked Teflon, allowing you to quickly check the glass for leaks. They are very easy to install and suitable for different types of valves or piping fittings, providing complete protection.

Protective screens made of polypropylene: they are made of MOC polypropylene sheets, which can withstand pressure up to 85 degrees C. Installation and removal of pads does not require skilled labor.

All of the above series of protective screens help protect your industry from catastrophic damage from leaks due to seal failure. They are strongly recommended by the insurance company and any business where more than 100 chemicals used in various areas also need to be installed for safety of work and equipment.

There are a lot of chemical industries in the world that are witnessing the release of toxic chemicals and liquids that cause temporary disability or even death. Preventing such spraying or splashing is possible only by installing flank protection on piping fittings, valves or flank fittings. Protecting the flax helps you and your entire industry withstand the catastrophic effects of spraying by providing an insurmountable barrier between the chemical flowing through the pipeline system and the external environment. To prevent the spread of chemicals, these screens can be made from high-quality materials such as Teflon, polypropylene, PVC and polyethylene.

These materials are capable of working with dangerous chemicals, and therefore these screens are a complete solution to the problem of spraying. It does not allow the chemical to explode until the pipe insulation is achieved, and helps prevent serious problems. Most likely, they are made of strong fabric, which gives them UV stabilization, water and airtightness. Most of their designs come with a pH patch that provides an extended leak display so you can take the necessary steps to prevent it. This pH patch changes color to red if there is acid in the shell, and turns green if it contains alkaline substances.

These screens are very easy to install, and one person without a handful of tools can easily install them. One size is suitable for all the thickness of the pad and reduces the risk of damage to the operator and installation in your industry. It is strongly recommended by insurance companies. In fact, these screens create a barrier and prevent the spraying of toxic chemicals and damage to the environment in general.

They are available at any angle or with a straight cut to match all the size of the pipes. Industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage production; It is highly recommended to use this protective screen for petrochemicals, treatment plants, shipbuilding and more, as all of these industries regularly use more than 100 chemicals in various fields. That’s why protrusion is so important. So what are you waiting for? Install this protective screen right now and protect people and your industrial equipment from harmful chemicals. Be sure to buy it from proven manufacturers of protective flanks to ensure productivity and long life.

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