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Internal podcasting

Employee engagement is one Internal podcasting the great riddles of the modern days business landscape. Keeping employees involved and motivated has always been a delicate art, but the recent emergence and expansion of remote teams has made it one of the key focus points for a healthy and productive business environment.

The degree of employee engagement depends on a large number of variables, from financial compensation to the nature of their work, co-worker social profile, professional fulfillment, and a myriad of other factors that shape the employee’s view of the employer. While a number of variables are not entirely under the company’s control, there is also a whole bunch of steps that can be taken to try to actively engage and motivate employees.

The continuing technological advancements both provide us with new means of employee engagement and push us to implement them in order to address employees in their familiar formats, which is especially important for remote team communication.

Despite existing in an era of absolute focus on visual contents in the field of information, marketing, and communication in general, audio podcasts have emerged as a popular modern-day format. The lack of visual distractions focuses the full attention on what is being said, which a lot of people apparently prefer, even in the age of the briefest attention span.

Podcasts are rarely mentioned as a potential tool for internal communication, even though they are a commonplace communication vehicle in the “outside world”. Still, there are numerous reasons why companies should consider a podcast, whether as an alternative or a supplement to an internal newsletter or as its own communicational entity.

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