The Virgin Mary in her different names, state of grace, and miracles are shown in a Marian exhibit held this October, 2010 at the Mall of Asia in the Philippines.

Radio Veritas 846 and the Department matka of Education with supporters and sponsors highlight this event for October Rosary Month.

The Rosary is a form of prayer and devotion depicting life scenes of Jesus Christ (Mysteries of Christ’s life: Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, Luminous) the time he was born till the time he died, and his resurrection. In the rosary Mother Mary intercedes and prays with the people of God.

Prayers of priests and the religious beg for intentions of families/communities; and peace in the land and the whole world.

In some areas, October Rosary month culminates with stations on blocks where people pray together on the streets. Parents, children, and helpers pray the rosary together everyday for the whole month. On the month end, in some parishes – a special program is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.

A. Showcase of Blessed Images

1. Mother of the Poor

2. The Dormition (Falling Asleep)

Mary has been assumed by God into the heavenly kingdom of God in the fullness of her spiritual and bodily existence. She died falling asleep.

3. Perpetual Virginity “Dogma of the Perpetual Virgin Mary”

4. The Black Madonna of Czestocshowa

“Czarna Madonna or Matka Boska Czestochowska” in Polish

Lady Icon of the Virgin; Poland’s holiest relic and one of the country’s symbols

5. Holy Fatima

6. “La Reina de las Islas Filipinas” Feast: May 8

7. Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace

8. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Feast: July 16

9. Our Lady of Hope

The Virgin’s hands are extended as in the “miraculous medal” and with rays of light.

10. Our Lady of Alta Gracia

11. Our Lady of La Sallete

12. Mary, Comforter of the Afflicted

13. Queen of the Apostles

14. “La Pieta” (Italian for Pity)

Hence, the Lamentations of Christ

Mother of Sorrows – Mater Dolorosa

Here Stands the Mother – Stabat Mater


Prayer to Our Lady of Czestochowa

Holy Mother of Czestochowa
You are full of grace, goodness and mercy
I consecrate to you all my thoughts
Words, actions; especially
My soul and my body.

I ask for you blessing and
Especially prayers for my salvation.

Today, I dedicate myself to you,
Good Mother
Totally with my body and soul
Amid joy and suffering to obtain
For myself and others Your blessings

On this earth
And eternal life in heaven

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