Are you looking for ways to seduce a pretty girl and just end up scratching your head and looking around? Then worry no more as we have revealed both พริตตี้สาวสวย the secrets and a guaranteed no fail technique on the seduction of a pretty female form. It could be that woman in the office that you have had your eye on for so many months or maybe years or maybe even that next-door neighbor who always walks her dog about three to four pm daily. The bottom line is that if you are a single man and are available there is most definitely at least one woman on the checklist that needs some love and you are that man that is about to give that to her in a big way, literally.

Adam and Eve

Men have been chasing women ever since men and women have first impacted the earth through Adam and Eve. Men adore woman and the chase is one that can be both exciting and frustrating all wrapped up into one big expensive deal. Certainly the seduction of a pretty woman or girl depending upon the age of the man pursuing will be both expensive and time-consuming.

In order to set the stage correctly and gather the appropriate pursuing supplies we need to have a short list that will explain exactly why you will need these items. This list is assuming that there is already in place a dream girl or a girl that possibly could be an available target for your unsolicited seducing options. We will not pretend that this is just a review of how to meet a girl and talk to her. This is not that review. In this write-up we will speak of how to seduce a pretty girl who means sex is going to be the end result of this chase.

Operation: Seduce A-Girl Checklist

• Clean the Home and Vehicle 100%

• Make Certain that you Have Enough Cash or Plastic to Afford a Dinner and or a Hotel Room

• Wear Your Best Clothes and do not Skimp on the Cologne

• Find out Where She will be on Friday or Saturday Night and if Possible Arrange for a Meeting

• Be Humorous and If Not Humorous Learn A Few Humorous Jokes That Are Not Dry and Stupid

Women just love funny guys and as long as the funny guy is not a stupid funny guy all are good in the hood. The importance on accumulating the above listed items and doing the work that will be necessary to make certain that you are not caught with your pants down, no pun intended, and are a great way to pre-plan for the seduction of a pretty girl. We all know that sometimes pretty women come into our lives just by sheer dumb luck and we happen to have sex with them and those days we can count on one hand. When it comes to targeting women and seducing a pretty girl all bets are off and game time is on!
Little Air Freshener

With the above listed items intact and the car all clean and your wallet full of 20’s and 10’s and the little air freshener on the rear view it is time to go meet the lady of your dreams and start off a night of passion and desire that you will never forget. Good luck in this endeavor and once you have this pretty girl in your sights and in your company make certain that you say all the right things and don’t say too much, go heavy on the compliments but not too heavy and always look her in the eye. Chances are that you will have done everything humanly possible to get into bed with this beautiful work of art that is the pretty girl of your dreams and that you’re seducing efforts will not be in vain.